Birth Charts

Birth charts, often referred to as natal charts, are special astrological diagrams that show the placements of celestial bodies at a person's precise time and location of birth

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Child Birth

The process through which a baby is delivered from the mother's womb is called childbirth, commonly referred to as labour or delivery.

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A divorce may be sought by a couple that has been married but has decided that they can no longer coexist and would want to live separate lives.

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Foreign Settlement

The act of individuals leaving their native nation to live or work in another country is known as foreign settlement.

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Gruh Pravesh Puja

When someone moves into a new home or house, they perform a traditional Hindu ceremony called Gruh Pravesh Puja. It is a method of seeking the gods' blessings and bringing good vibes into the new home.

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Job and Career Guidance

People may make wise selections regarding their employment and professional path with the aid of job and career guidance.

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Kalsarp Dosh

Kalsarp Dosh, which is sometimes spelt Kaal Sarp Dosha, is a concept in Hindu astrology that pertains to the placement of planets in a person's birth chart.

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Kundali Dosh

Kundali Dosha is the term used in astrology to describe certain unfavourable planetary placements or combinations that may be seen in a person's birth chart.

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Love & Relationship

In order for individuals to connect emotionally, romantically, or platonically, love and relationships are fundamental components of human interactions.

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Manglik Dosh

It is seen as an astrological fault or bad influence that may have an impact on a person's marital life.

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Matrimony is the name given to the recognised and official union of two individuals.

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Navagraha Puja

Navagraha Puja is done to worship and ask for blessings from the nine celestial bodies or planets.

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What Our Customers Say


Prammit is more of a friend first and then an astrologer. His approach is very different compared to the other astrologers I have come across.
His predictions are accurate and the remedies are also simple and doable on a daily basis.
I highly recommend Prammit if you want to make a new friend who is there to hear you out and also come out with a solution for any problems πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Ghunghroo Srivastava - Event Planner (Goa)

Thank you Prammit for your soooo accurate prediction and timely warning for any adverse situation. Its not only the warning but the appropriate remedies to avert the adverse consequences and protecting us from the evils of our life. You are blessed by Devine to help the mankind and spread happiness.

I STRONGLY recommend you as an astrologer who can be trusted and consulted for any help. Your behavior and dedication towards your people makes it more worthy.

Thank you always.

Anshul Sharma (Mumbai) - Director of aΒ  Management Institute

One of the finest astrologer i have ever met... If you call/msg in mid night he will surely help you. I was totally broke out when my mother was serious, and he helped me by sending healing power (from Mumbai) to my mother (in Delhi) Thank you soooooo much. πŸ™

Khushboo Tripathy (Gurgaon) - IT Consultant

Pramit is commendable in his calculation based predictions. He knows exactly the pain point and according remedies. Highly recommended.

Shreesh Srivastava (France) - Marketing Consultant

Being in politics i was facing many problems,i found astrologer Prammitji i consulted him, He helped me in getting out of all the problems that i went through. I highly recommend everyone to consult him for best resultsπŸ‘

Suhasini Naidu (Kerala) - Politician

Prammitji has been a great support to me and my family. His advice has always been quite helpful. He is very patient and kind enough to be available whenever his advise is required. His easy and effective remedies always give positive and prompt results. I have recommended him to many of my friends and family members, they also got positive results.

Jayashree Kumar (Hyderabad) - Business Woman