In its simplest form, matrimony is the name given to the recognised and official union of two individuals, usually a man and a woman, who decide to partner up in a committed partnership. Marriage is the name given to this union in most cultures.

Marriage is a unique relationship in which the couple makes a lifelong commitment to one another's love, support, and care. A wedding ceremony is frequently held in conjunction with it, during which the couple publicly professes their love for one another in front of loved ones.

Marriage encompasses more than simply a personal bond; it also has legal and societal outcomes. When two individuals get married, they frequently share their resources, obligations, and, in many cultures, their living conditions. Both partners also benefit from certain legal protections and privileges, including the capacity to make significant choices on the other's behalf and inheritance rights as well as tax advantages.

The idea of marriage is prevalent throughout many cultures and faiths, each with its own distinctive rituals and traditions. It is seen as a significant organisation that creates the framework for families and communities, offering security and support to both people and society in general.

In general, matrimony symbolises the formally recognised union of two people, expressing their resolve to spend the rest of their lives as a married pair.

Birth Chart

Birth charts, often referred to as natal charts, are special astrological diagrams that show the placements of celestial bodies (such as planets and the Sun) at a person's precise time and location of birth. It is said to offer perceptions into a person's personality, vulnerabilities, and life experiences.


Zodiac Sign

There are 12 signs in the zodiac, which is a band of constellations in the sky. Every sign has certain qualities and attributes. Your birth chart's placement of a planet in a certain sign affects how that planet's energy manifests in your life.


The angles established between the planets in the birth chart are called aspects. They demonstrate how the planets' interactions with one another affect how their energies mix and cooperate. While certain elements work well together, others could present difficulties or chances for development.


Different facets of our personality and life experiences are represented by planets in astrology. For instance, the Sun stands for our essential self and ego, the Moon reflects our feelings and instincts, Mercury represents thought and communication, Venus symbolises romance and associations, and furthermore.

Rising Sign

When you were born, the rising sign was the zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon. It is a representation of your public persona and how people see you.


The twelve houses that make up the birth chart each stand for a distinct aspect of life, such as home, job, relationships, or self-expression. These houses are where the planets in your chart are situated, showing which energies are most pronounced in your life.