The legal method of dissolving a marriage is through divorce. A divorce may be sought by a couple that has been married but has decided that they can no longer coexist and would want to live separate lives. As a result, they will no longer be legally and formally married to one another.

They often consult with lawyers and appear in court during a divorce to resolve crucial issues including how to split their possessions and property, decide on child custody arrangements (if any), and choose financial support options like alimony or child support.

The pair is legally able to marry someone else if they so want once the divorce is granted by the court. When a marriage is no longer functioning, people may move on and begin new chapters in their life through divorce, despite the fact that it can be a challenging and painful process.

It happens for a variety of causes, but some typical ones include

  1. Ineffective communication between spouses might result in misunderstandings and emotional distancing.
  2. Couples may come to understand their basic differences over time, which makes it difficult to maintain a peaceful relationship.
  3. A spouse's trust and emotional connection can be destroyed by cheating or having affairs.
  4. Money problems and conflicts about money issues can strain and cause tension in a marriage.
  5. Any type of abuse, including mental and emotional ones, may warrant a divorce in order to safeguard the victim & many others.