Manglik Dosh

Manglik Dosh

Traditional Indian astrology associates the planet Mars (Mangal) with the concept of Manglik Dosh, also referred to as Mangal Dosha. In plain terms, it is seen as an astrological fault or bad influence that may have an impact on a person's marital life.

In accordance with this theory, a person is considered to have Manglik Dosh if Mars appears in a particular position in their birth chart (horoscope). It is said that people with this dosha may have difficulties or troubles in their marriage, including issues like disagreements, misunderstandings, and even potential marital life interruptions.

When evaluating possible marriage partners, Manglik Dosh is given special consideration. If one spouse is Manglik and the other is not, it is thought that the Manglik partner's strong Mars influence may have a detrimental effect on the non-Manglik partner, thus creating relationship issues.

Traditional astrologers may suggest particular rituals, prayers, or matching with another Manglik individual to counteract or neutralise the impacts of Manglik Dosh. This will ensure a happy and successful marriage since the negative influences will cancel each other out.

It is crucial to understand that the Manglik Dosh concept is based on conventional astrology and could not have a scientific foundation. In some areas of India and among some communities, many individuals still adhere to these ideas when making decisions on marriage. When picking a life partner, however, contemporary and logical people might not give it a lot of significance and instead place greater emphasis on compatibility, understanding, and communication.