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Course Overview

Our Astrology Course is a comprehensive program designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and practice the ancient art and science of astrology. This course delves into the intricacies of astrology, covering both Western and Vedic systems, enabling students to explore the cosmic forces that influence human life.

Course Duration

The Astrology Course is a 12-week program, consisting of 24 sessions. Each session is approximately 2 hours in duration, providing ample time for in-depth exploration of astrological concepts and techniques.

Course Contents

Module 1: Introduction to Astrology (Week 1-2)

The history and origins of astrology
The zodiac, planets, and houses
Basic principles and terminology

Module 2: Natal Chart Interpretation (Week 3-4)

Understanding birth charts
Planetary aspects and their significance
Identifying personality traits and life paths

Module 3: Predictive Astrology (Week 5-6)

Predictive techniques: transits, progressions, and solar returns
Timing events in a person's life
Practical applications in personal and mundane astrology

Module 4: Western vs. Vedic Astrology (Week 7-8)

A comparative study of Western and Vedic astrological systems
Techniques unique to each system
Choosing the right system for specific applications

Module 5: Relationship and Compatibility (Week 9-10)

Synastry and composite charts
Understanding compatibility in relationships
Identifying challenges and opportunities in partnerships

Module 6: Astrology Consultation and Practicum (Week 11-12)

Developing consultation skills
Hands-on practice with real client cases
Ethical considerations and professionalism in astrology practice

Benefits of Our Astrology Course

In-Depth Knowledge: Gain a profound understanding of astrology, covering both Western and Vedic systems.

Practical Skills: Learn to interpret birth charts, make predictions, and provide valuable insights to clients.

Personal Growth: Understand your own birth chart and life path, and help others on their journeys of self-discovery.

Career Opportunities: Start a career as a professional astrologer, or enhance your current profession with astrology skills.

Relationship Insights: Improve personal and professional relationships through astrological insights.

Ethical Practice: Learn the ethics and professionalism required in the field of astrology consultation.

Fees: 51,000/-