Kundali Dosh

Kundali Dosh

Kundali Dosha, often spelt Dosha or Dosh, is the term used in astrology to describe certain unfavourable planetary placements or combinations that may be seen in a person's birth chart, commonly referred to as a Kundali or horoscope. The position of numerous celestial bodies, such as planets and stars, at the time of a person's birth are depicted in their birth chart, which is based on the date, time, and location of the birth.

It is said that Kundali Dosha can lead to imbalances or unfavourable impacts in a person's life, particularly in areas connected to the planets that are affected. These Doshas, which are connected to certain planetary configurations or placements, are viewed as possible roadblocks or hurdles that could have an impact on a person's health, relationships, job, and other areas of living.

Common Kundali Dosh

Nadi Dosh

This Dosha is linked to the marital partners' nadis, or pulses, and their compatibility. The pair may experience health and reproductive problems as a result.

Sade Sati

Due to Saturn's (Shani's) transit over the natal moon in the birth chart, this Dosha is set to be present. During the seven and a half year timeframe, it is anticipated to provide difficulties and obstacles.

Mangal Dosh

When the planet Mars (Mangal) is situated in specific locations in the birth chart, this Dosha manifests. It is said to cause problems with aggressiveness, temper, and marital compatibility.

These Doshas are frequently identified by analysing a person's birth chart, and then astrologers provide treatments or methods to lessen their harmful effects. It's essential to keep in mind that Kundali Doshas are an astrological theory rather than a fact. If someone has trust in these practises, they may decide to pursue astrological treatments, but it's important to approach astrology with an objective and open mind.