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Ek Mukhi / One Faced Rudraksha

Rudraksha is a divine bead provided by the Supreme Power “Lord Shiva” created by his tears. It is known to have medicinal, health and astrological benefits. Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is considered to be the most pious form of Rudraksha It comes in the shape of a cashew nut. The ruling planet of this Rudraksha is Sun and the mantra that needs to be chanted while wearing it is: Om Namaha Shivaya, Om Hreem Namaha ‘Its possessor shall always have prosperity, fortune and worldly pleasures, success, power, victory over enemy. Belief has it that people are absolved of all sins by merely glancing at this Rudraksha. This Rudraksha shall fulfill all desires made by its wearer. Apparently, the Rudraksha also provides moksha (salvation). The Rudraksha will yield positive results within a month if worshiped faithfully. It also improves concentration and mental constitution of the wearer. Order Now!! And get a genuine, certified Ek Mukhi Rudrakhsa at the most reasonable price.

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Do Mukhi / Two faced Rudraksha

The Do Mukhi Rudraksha represents Arthanareshwar , that is symbolizes the united form of Shiv and Parvati . It helps in strengthening bonds based on love and affection. Known for its mystical powers, do mukhi rudraksha is said to carry the entire secret and powers of the cosmos. Many believe that only the very fortunate possess this Rudraksha , that is known to ward off the negative influences of Moon in a person’s horoscope. A Do Mukhi Rudraksha is oval in shape, and can help restore domestic peace. It helps cure diseases related to fluid balance in our body and problems in the left eye. Especially auspicious for the Vaishnavaites as they consider the Rudraksha symbolic of Lord Vishnu. Ideally a Do Mukhi Rudraksha should be worn in a red thread, to get maximum benefit. Chanting the mantra “om namah shaktihi namah”, can help reap maximum benefits. Order Now and see happy days return.

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Teen Mukhi / Three Faced Rudraksha

Do you lack confidence? Is it a lack of drive that is a reason for failure? Try Teen Mukhi Rudraksha , represents Agni (the Lord of Fire ) and get back the confidence to face all adversities and come out victorious . This bead is extremely powerful in making positive changes in the life of those who suffer from loneliness, depression and nervousness. A teen mukhi Rudraksha is known to absolve past sins and purify human soul. A teen mukhi rudraksha takes one closer to god and thus is a perfect means to attain salvation. In case you’re in sports or real estate, wearing a teen mukhi rudraksha can guarantee unquestionable success. An astrological remedy for those who have a malefic Mars (mangal dosha ) in their horoscope. Find a cure to diseases like blood pressure and menstrual problems. This bead is beneficial for those who have Mangal Dosha in their horoscope. While wearing this one must chant ‘om kleem Namah’. Order Teen Mukhi Rudraksha now and get back your confidence !!

₹700 - ₹2700

Chaar Mukhi/ Four faced Rudraksha

Are you in a job that is mentally taxing? Then a Chaar Mukhi Rudraksha can ease your stress. A chaar Mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic of Lord Brahma, symbolic of the four facets of creator of the universe. A chaar Mukhi Rudrakhsha blesses one with original thinking and can solve speech related problems like stammering. It is also known to cure Asthama in patients. For those in pursuit of knowledge, like students, scientists and scholars, computer professional and marketing executives this Rudraksha can help in building mental powers and give direction to their pursuit. A chaar mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by planet Mercury and while wearing it one must chant the mantra ‘om Hreem Namah’ . Wearing a chaar Mukhi Rudraksha in one’s arm and neck gives maximum benefit. As an astrological remedy Chaar Mukhi Rudraksha can ward off the malefic effect of planet Jupiter . Order now and be blessed with knowledge.

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Panch Mukhi/ Five Faced Rudraksha

Looking for a lucky charm? Well a Panch Mukhi Rudraksha can bless you with fortune. It is symbolic of of Pancheswor or Panchmukhi Shiva. It also represents another form of Shiva termed as Kaalagni. Increase your material fortune and get unlimited lucky chances. A Panch Mukhi Rudraksha can be a perfect solution for all your financial concerns. In case you’re bankrupt, stuck up in loans and you cannot make ends meet, try wearing a Panch Mukhi Rudraksha and see things change for good. This auspicious bead takes you from despair to hope from failure to success, from bankruptcy to abundance. A panch Mukhi rudraksha can help cut down body fats and regulate blood pressure . It works as a protective shield and keeps an individual away from all kinds of evil. It associated with planet Mars and the mantra to chant while wearing it is,’Om Hreem Namah’. Order Now and find solutions to all financial problems!

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Chhah Mukhi/ Six Faced Rudraksha

Who doesn’t want to be victorious? Well, if you’re still waiting to taste success here’s a simple way of getting it. Order a Chhah Mukhi Rudraksha and see your word change. A chhah Mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic of Lord Kartikey .Lord Parvati is said to have graced a Chhah Mukhi Rudraksha with her blessing. This Rudraksha is known to pacify the negative effects of planet Mars. Wearing a Chhah Mukhi Rudraksha helps ward off the negative effects of Venus and diseases of sexual nature and related to sexual organ can be cured wearing Chhah Mukhi Rudraksha . Also used for Vashikaran a Chhah Mukhi Rudraksha is a favourite of people who are a lot into public dealing and are public personalities.

₹800 - ₹2800

Saat Mukhi/ Seven Faced Rudraksha

Have you just incurred a great financial loss? Change your financial destiny wearing a Saat Mukhi Rudraksha .A saat mukhi (Face)Rudraksha is considered as the representation of goddess Lakshmi. She is the Supreme goddess of Fortune. A person who wears a Saat Mukhi Rudraksha is believed to be blessed with fortune as this rudraksha brings luck, wealth and power. Highly recommended for those who want to be successful in business or want to come out of financial constraints.The ruling planet of a Saat Mukhi rudrakhsa is Saturn or Shani. Saat Mukhi (Face)Rudraksha is Recommended for health issues like : Weakness, colic pain, handicaps, pain in bone and muscles, paralysis, long term disease, impotency, worries and hopelessness. The best day to wear this Rudraksha is Monday and while wearing this Rudraksha chant the mantra ‘Om Hoom Namaha’, to get maximum benefits. For best results Saat Mukhi Rudraksha should be worn in a red thread. Order Now! And see be blessed with prosperity and well being.

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Aath Mukhi/ Eight Faced Rudraksha

Wondering how to get rid of inexplicable obstacles? A Aath mukhi (Face) Rudraksha is a symbolization of Lord Ganapati. It has eight linings displayed on its surface .One can just wear this sacred bead of Aath mukhi Rudraksha for attaining anticipated results for any new work, one undertakes .Those who wearer are blessed with a long life and they become truthful, honest in all things they do. Such a person will be free of diseases, wise and knowledgeable and can handle any obstacle with tact. The Aath Mukhi Rudraksha helps develop special ability and talent in studies. Wearers shall remain away from sin. It provides mental concentration. It especially useful for those from business community as it is helpful in betting, risk and gamble. It is coupled with numerous gains leading to physical, mental and spiritual well-being.The ruling planet of this Rudraksha is Dragon Head (Rahu).Eight Mukhi Rudraksha is recommended for : Lung, feet, skin and eye catarrhisis, ittracia . While putting on a aath Mukhi Rudraksha one should chant: Om Ganeshaya Namah. The best day to wear it is Monday.Order Now! and get blessings of Ganesha.

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Nau Mukhi/ Nine Faced Ruadraksha

Incase you have the passion but lack the strength and need that extra push a Nau Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha can certainly help . It represents goddess Nava Durga Rupama, a symbol of power and courage. The Nau Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by mother Goddess Durga symbolic of a lot of energy & power. Like Maa Durga it is believed to possess power of nine deities, also called Navadurga. It enhances the hormonal function of the body and this enhances mental alertness and sharpness, physical strength, mental peace, spiritual gain, concentration power, patience, control over anger and fear and communication skills. A Nau Mukhi Rudraksha is recommended for: Lung diseases, fever, eye pain, bowel pain, skin disease, body pain. One should chant the mantra: Om Hreem Hum Namah while wearing a Nau Mukhi Rudraksha.The most auspicious day to wear it is Monday . Order Now! and get the courage to face challenges

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Dus Mukhi / Ten Faced Rudraksha

When you want to conquer your fear try wearing a Dus Mukhi (face) Rudraksha which is symbolic of Lord Vishnu. . Wearer of a Dus Mukhi Rudraksha remains free of all the evil effects on inauspicious planets and all other evil spirits. Its wearer is protected from all type of attacks from weapons. A Dus Mukhi (face) Rudraksh is very powerful and can help overcome fears and develop a sound mind. It is also believed to represent the Dahavtars namely, Buddha, Kacchap, Kalki, Krishna, Narasimha, Matsya, Parashuram, Rama, Vaman and Varah. This Rudraksha fulfills all desires of the wearer. It can help a person enjoy success in life and attain great importance in spiritual field. A Dus Mukhi Rudraksha is recommended for pacifying the nine planets. Chanting the mantra -Shree Narayanaaye Shree can help get maximum benefits from a Dus Mukhi Rudraksha. An auspicious day for wearing it is Sunday. Order Now! and conquer your innermost fear.

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Gyara Mukhi / Eleven Faced Rudraksha

A Gyara Mukhi Rudraksha is known to have mystic powers. This Rudraksha represents Lord Hanuman. It induces courage and confidence in the wearer, and leads them to an adventurous life. It is also helpful in meditation and removes problem of yogic practices. When invoked it blesses the wearer with wisdom, right judgment, powerful vocabulary, adventurous life and success. A Gyara Mukhi Rudraksha blesses the possessor with strength, wisdom, right judgment, powerful vocabulary, adventurous life and success. A gyara Mukhi or Eleven Face Rudraksha is said to possess the strength of seven deities and hence considered to be extremely powerful. A Gyara Mukhi recommended for: Maintenance of entire neurophysiology. While wearing a Gyara Mukhi Rudraksha one should chant the mantra: Om Shree Rudray Namah Om Hreem Hum Namah . The most auspicious day to wear it is Monday. Order Now! and get direction in life. 

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Baarah Mukhi/Twelve Faced Rudraksha

The Baarah Mukhi (face) Rudraksha represents the planet Sun. The planet sun is known for its brilliancy luster, radiance and strength. The Baarah Mukhi Rudraksha is one of the most auspicious for one who wants to attract knowledge and riches and all the earthly pleasures. It is of great help to those in administrative jobs. This should be worn by businessmen, politicians and those who want to get name and fame .Wearing a Baarah Mukhi Rudraksha increases self image and motivation. Gives happiness and material gains and protects the wearer from any mishap. This is strongly recommended for those suffering from Heart Disease, Lung Disease, Skin Disease, Hiatus of Stomach, Esophagus, and Bowel Problems. It should be worn on a Monday to get the best result. Order Now! And be blessed with power and authority.

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Ganesh Mukhi Rudraksha

Ganesh Mukhi Rudraksha brings prosperity in all spheres. Worshipping it before beginning any major work increases the chances of success.

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Gauri Shankar Rudraksha

Meaningless quarrels in married life? No growth in business? No peace in life? Bulk of stress surrounded you? Experience the incredible power of Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and add mesmerizing pleasing aroma in your life. Anyone can wear this great rudraksha.

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Rudraksha Bracelet

Rudraksha is a holy seed used for worshiping God and other spiritual activities. Primarily, Rudraksha is correlated with Lord Shiva. In today’s time, markets are filled with false Rudraksha and other semi precious gemstones. These items are made up of plastic and other synthetic materials and do not possess the spiritual powers that a genuine rudraksha do.